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Flat Lay Fashion Photography New York 

The usage of engaging visuals can have a profound impact on a fashion company of any size, and well-executed flat lay photography is one of the ways to elevate a company's digital representation. I produce high-definition, cohesive and modern flat lay photos that can serve as a prime tool for elevating a company’s branding. 

What exactly does Flat Lay photography entail?

Incorporation of flat lay images as a way of showcasing a product online is still one of the  most efficient ways  of communicating a product’s features to potential customers. A “bird’s eye view” that is used to capture images in an aesthetically pleasing way, is also among image requirements on major online selling platforms. I serve businesses with flat lay photography to promote their products on their websites  and e-commerce platforms, respectively.


Let’s find out how my Flat Lay fashion photography can do wonders for you!


Key Features of Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay product photography can provide a business with visually appealing, straightforward imagery, but also make it cost-effective. Let’s see why:

Brand’s story 

Flat Lay clothing photography delivers a relatable viewing experience that is easy to comprehend. And a properly lit flat lay imagery of an excellent quality can easily fit into the branding of any company, saving the time and resources on the development of a company's branding. 


Online selling platforms, such as Amazon, require professionally taken flat lay images for all product listings.. Flat lay imagery can be used across different selling platforms, as well as on a company’s own website and social media.. 

Product Details 

Flat lay photos are intended to showcase the product’s features in a clear way without compromising the depiction of its key features when choosing a creative way of capturing the item. 

Colorful Background

While experimenting with the prop and background colors, I pay attention to the main colors of a company. If the right color backdrop is chosen, flat lays can be a great addition to an overall brand identity. 


Neatly laid flat lay photos are considered to be visually satisfying and contribute to building trustworthiness to the brand. Experimenting in the product placement and framing, combining pieces of sets together into one image and breaking them up into two separate images, is another way of making the product stand out.

The Hand In Flat Lay

In addition to using props, I can incorporate a hand model into flat lay clothing photography  composition(if quoted for and discussed prior to the shoot). This technique works great for showcasing functionalities of a particular product. 

Why Choose Me?

I am offering customized creative solutions for companies of various types in need of content of different formats. I will efficiently emphasize key features of fashion photography products following the specific requirements of the client.


My  photography services include:


Currently, I am operating from my studio in Brooklyn, New York, but you can reach out to me  from anywhere in the world to discuss your project and to get a quote and an estimated turnaround time. Make your first move. I will handle the rest!



Frequently Asked Questions

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