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Ghost Mannequin Fashion Photographer New York

Ghost mannequin photography has become a popular product photography category that allows businesses to display their garments in an accurate fitting and style. In a highly competitive market, businesses are constantly striving to enrich their product offerings and engage customers more effectively. Ghost mannequins have become an essential tool in clothing photography by allowing to remove distractions such as props or models, thereby emphasizing the features of the clothing.


Proficient in photography expertise, I know how to capture and display products from different angles to achieve the best result. Mannequin product photography goes beyond capturing high-resolution images; it involves creatively styling the products to showcase garments in a neat, wrinkle-free, and well-assembled form. I am committed to delivering the highest quality product images to meet your needs.


Key Features of Ghost Mannequin Photography


Ghost mannequin product photography is a technique that creates the illusion of a "ghost" wearing an attire. This impression is achieved through the post-production editing process, where the mannequin is removed from the picture, leaving the garment in a 3D pictorial that offers an impressive product feel to viewers. I use my expertise to ensure that your garments are presented in the best possible way through ghost mannequin product photography.

Display of entire product

The ghost mannequin photography trend promotes transparency among customers by showcasing every part of the product, including the front and back, to demonstrate its precise fitting. Accurately capturing this shooting style can be challenging, but specializing in this area has equipped me with the expertise to keep things simple and precise.

Complex shooting process Details 

The process of mannequin photography involves capturing a shot, resettling the product, and shooting from all angles to expose every part of the product. As a professional in this field with expertise in both photography and post-production, I am dedicated to achieving multidimensional results.

The fashion industry highly values this approach as it provides customers with a better view of the product. Effective garment sales demand a striking impression presented with exclusivity, which can enhance the appeal of your online store.

Flat Lay Vs. Ghost Mannequin

One major difference between Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin photography is that different garments and products are better suited to different styles of photography. I can provide expert recommendations on the best approach to showcase my clients' products in a way that is both visually appealing and effective in driving sales.


  • The primary difference between flat lay and ghost mannequin photography is the development of volume and three-dimensional visuals in the latter, which is not possible in flat lay.

  • Grouping or showcasing collections of products is not feasible with ghost mannequins, but it is easily adaptable with flat lay photography.

  • It can be challenging to capture long dresses and coats with flat lay photography, whereas ghost mannequin photography is a great way to showcase such garments.


I specialize in various types of product photography to cater to the varying needs of my clients. By identifying their specific demands, I work diligently to deliver the desired outcomes. Here are the areas of my expertise:



Although my photography studio is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, my services are not limited to this area. Clients from other locations can also have their products shipped to me and have their photography needs professionally fulfilled. You can contact me at for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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