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Makeup and Beauty Products Photography

Makeup and Beauty Products Photography

Professional Makeup and Beauty Product Photography Services in NYC

Whether your beauty product brands are on a larger scale or newly emerging, choosing how they’re showcased to the public can be a very crucial decision. Proper product presentation and marketing tactics are the keys to not only surviving but thriving. Consider Elena Vels studio a partner in your journey of brand recognition! 


From small batches to enterprise-level manufacturers, everyone has different customer targeting criteria. We keep this top of mind during our cosmetic product photography sessions — ensuring that both ingredients and problem-solving aspects reflect clearly in our photographs. If you’ve never dealt with a beauty product photography professional, we understand that you’ll have some questions and we’re here to answer them all for you!

What is Beauty and Makeup Product Photography?

Beauty and makeup product photography can skillfully capture the targeted features of a product such as packaging and ingredients while highlighting its uniqueness. The goal of beauty product photography is to grasp targeted potential customers' attention with visually appealing images, and in turn, they will become enticed to purchase. 

Why Product Photography is Essential for Business?

With the increased dependence of businesses on the online marketplace, websites and apps have replaced the need for physical shops. This causes the seller and potential customer a disconnect while not being able to interact directly — increasing the need for cosmetic product photography. My team and I are product photography experts who masterfully draw a viewer in through beautiful graphics. 

What Benefit Comes with Makeup Product Photography?

We believe commercial photography strategically adds value to your makeup product — significantly increasing the chance of conversion by illustrating its problem-solving potential with eye-catching graphics. The first impression to viewers is your high-definition images. They need to be shot and edited by professionals while keeping the commercialization perspective in mind.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Makeup Products

Beauty and makeup product photography is the most sought-after service here at Elena Vels studio. We possess several years of experience perfecting the illustration and presentation of makeup products. Visit our “Work” section to know why.

Hair Care Products

Hair care products have significantly saturated today’s market — we make your product stand-alone by leveraging its potential through photography. Along with targeting hair loss concerns, we keep our work focused on hair embellishment, so the customer feels like they’re getting more than expected. 

Skin Care Products

Proper skin care depends on the skin type — while keeping your product description in mind, we conduct a beauty product photography campaign that directly relates to the skin condition of the customer.


Beauty Product Photography Process

Project Objectives Discussion

Once your project request is received, we personally compile an overview and then discuss its in-depth aspects with you. This two-way communication ensures your ideas and expectations are conveyed accurately. 

Product Shipping

We accept all targeted products at our studio in Brooklyn. You may choose personal drop-off or shipment.

Project Execution

Once your targeted product is received, we begin the photography session keeping your expectations in mind. A typical project turnaround is about 2 weeks, but this may depend on the project volume. 

Project Deliverables

Your images will be delivered to your gallery with a link immediately after the project's completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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