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Pricing Guide

1. Creative Brief

A client fills out Creative Brief form (or submits his/her own). 

This is the most important step of a project, filling out Creative Brief helps me understand my client's goals and company's vision. It ensures that a client receives content that is aligned with company's ethos.

2. Signing Photo Agreement

Agreement contains usage rights and payment information for a project.

Usage rights could include Social Media, Website, Print Ads etc.

3. Project Execution

Project is executed based on terms listed in the agreement and creative brief.

4. Project Delivery

Project is delivered to a client within the discussed turnaround time.

I create customized product photography pricing for every client I work with. My rate is based on a company's budget and the complexity of a project. Here you can find some information about my work process and quote creation.


I require a nonrefundable deposit to book a project. Our agreement is only valid after I receive the deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions