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E-commerce Photography At Elena Vels Studio

In the era of heightened digital competition, establishing a distinct online presence is crucial for setting oneself apart from competitors. Particularly for e-commerce businesses, prioritizing the quality of visual representations is paramount in this digital landscape.

At Elena Vels Studio, we specialize in providing e-commerce fashion photography services that result in the creation of high-quality imagery. The manner in which a product is photographed significantly influences the level of engagement potential clients will have with it online, underscoring the critical role of product photography for any business.

Our e-commerce photography services in NYC adhere to industry standards, accentuating your product's visual features in the most compelling way. Feel free to reach out to discuss your business's specific needs and how we can elevate your online presence!

E-Commerce Product Photography to Boost Online Sales

Marketplace platforms such as Amazon have become central hubs for e-commerce transactions, demanding a meticulous approach to product presentation. Our e-commerce product photography services extend seamlessly to cater to the specific requirements of these platforms, ensuring that your products stand out amidst the vast array of offerings. We understand the guidelines and visual standards set by platforms like Amazon, and our photography is crafted to align with these specifications. By choosing Elena Vels Studio for your e-commerce product photography needs, you're not just investing in images – you're investing in a powerful tool to enhance your presence on leading online marketplaces and drive increased sales.


Examples Of E-commerce Photography At Elena Vels Studio

One Product From Different Angles

What are the things that we pay attention to? 

  • Ensure to maintain the correct dimensions of each image depending on the website or a seller platform’s specific requirements. 

  • Use relevant props or accessories to amplify your product’s usability for potential clients (if mentioned in the creative brief and quoted for).

  • Analyze the market and decide what works best for each client.  


Take your business to the next level with high quality e-commerce images. 

Benefits of Quality E-Commerce Product Photography

Here is how our e-commerce photography services can help your business thrive:

Prove Your Credibility

A product photo taken with the right lighting, on backgrounds of a suitable color and from a good angle can drive a greater audience toward your business. Professional photos taken, when booking my NYC fashion photography services, showcase the face of your brand and prove its legitimacy on the market. 


Build Eminent Presence 

In the digital era, products that are distinguished from their competitors have the best chance to withstand the ever changing market environment. Elena Vels Studio e-commerce product photos build a distinct persona of your brand and create a prominent online presence of a product.

Enhance Customer Engagement 

High-definition fashion product photos can boost sales and revenue for a company by giving potential buyers an engaging approach to learning about a product. 


Rank Better on SERPs

Enhanced quality product imagery can make a website rank exceptionally well on SERPs. Hire me for your e-commerce product photography needs and get improved business ranking automatically, boosting the conversion rate altogether. 

Why Choose Elena Vels Studio?

Here are some compelling reasons to hire us for your e-commerce photography needs:  


High Quality Photos 

We follow current industry standards and use quality equipment when producing content for companies of all sizes.  


Versatile Content 

Along with producing high-quality fashion product imagery, we can serve your business with other photography needs:

Quality Aesthetics

With the usage of correct lighting techniques, the product can stand out in a beautiful, elegant way. At Elena Vels Studio, we emphasize key features of a product and make sure it’s shown in a photo.


Currently, we are operating from my studio in Brooklyn, New York, but you can reach out to us  from anywhere in the world to discuss your project and to get a quote and an estimated turnaround time. Make your first move, we will handle the rest!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of photography do you specialize in?
    With a focus on commercial product photography, I offer a range of services to meet the needs of your business - from simple white background e-commerce photos to more complex commercial shoots for use on social media platforms like Instagram. Whether you have an online store or a brick-and-mortar business, I have the expertise and customized solutions you need to showcase your products in the best light possible.
  • Which locations do you provide photography services for?
    Located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, my photography studio is accessible to clients from anywhere in the world. You can easily send your products to me for photo shoots, or arrange a drop-off at my studio. No matter where you're located, I'm here to help you capture the best images for your brand. Contact me by email at to learn more about my commercial photography services.
  • What Is Commercial and E-commerce Product Photography?
    Commercial and e-commerce product photography is a specialized type of photography that requires skill and attention to detail. The first impression a customer has of your product is often the image they see, and I'm committed to making sure that image is as compelling as possible. My focus is on capturing the best features of your product through expert lighting, angle selection, and other essential photography elements. My goal is to create visually appealing images that showcase your product in the best light, all while staying true to your brand's goals and ethos.
  • What are your rates?
    I don't offer a set price for my e-commerce and commercial product photography services. Instead, I create customized quotes for each client based on the project's type, complexity, duration, and budget. To secure your project, a non-refundable deposit is required. Once I receive your deposit, our agreement is considered valid.
  • What is the turnaround time for your commercial product photography services?
    Turnaround time is determined on a project-by-project basis, taking into consideration factors such as volume, complexity, and editing requirements. For standard white backdrop photography project of medium volume, a typical turnaround is two weeks.
  • What kind of equipment do you use for your shoots?
    At my studio, we use only the best equipment available on the market, including top-of-the-line Profoto lighting. This ensures that each shot I take is of the highest quality, with consistent, professional results every time. My studio is equipped with all the tools I need to produce the best possible commercial product content for my clients.
  • What is your Revision Policy?
    As a professional product photographer, my aim is to deliver results that meet and exceed my clients' expectations. That's why I offer a round of edits for the post-production phase of the shoot. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I'm dedicated to ensuring that the final images accurately reflect your vision.
  • Do you offer Product Videography as well?
    As a professional commercial product photographer, I understand the importance of multimedia content. That's why I offer product video production services to bring an extra layer of visual representation to your products. Whether you need a product demo, or any other type of product video, I've got you covered. Let's make your brand's message stand out in motion.
  • Do you charge per photo or per product?
    White background e-commerce photos have a flat rate, while custom quotes are created for more complex and stylized projects. The rate depends on the complexity of the project and the client's budget. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to chat!
  • In what format are my photos delivered?
    Images are delivered in an online gallery together with the download PIN. The gallery offers high-resolution and a web-size image download options, we suggest uploading both versions of the gallery to avoid going through resizing process for different usage purposes.
  • Do you ship my products back when you’re done?
    The client can either pick up their products from our studio in Brooklyn, NY or have a courier pick it up on their behalf. If shipping is preferred, we can return the products to the client for a fee of $50, as long as a shipping label is provided.
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