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Fashion Rail

E-commerce Fashion Photographer New York City

With rising competition in the digital world, it has become essential to build a prominent online presence of a product to differentiate yourself from competitors. Especially as an e-commerce business, a company must prioritize the quality of a visual representation of a product on the internet.  


I work with companies performing e-commerce fashion photography services that result in producing high quality imagery.  The way a product is photographed dictates the level of engagement the potential clients are going to have with the product online, making product photography critical for any business.  

My fashion photography services in NYC are performed in accordance with market standards, emphasizing your product’s visual features in the best way possible. Contact me to discuss your business’s needs!

Fashion Product Photography to Boost Online Sales

Whether it’s a high, medium or affordable line of fashion products, creating compelling and realistic images can help drive sales and, eventually, revenues.  

According to Justuno, E-Commerce Consumer Psychology Statistics showcases that 93% of online buyers make purchase decisions based on visual content. 

Make your first move towards exponential business growth by connecting with me for personalized support with your fashion photography needs.

My Expertise



Fashion Products Photography Process

Ranging from wholesale fashion brands to boutique-style retailers, I can help any business improve their online presence. Here is the way I approach a product photography service process: 


Step 1: Discussing the project objectives.

Once you reach out to me, we'll discuss your content needs and I'll work on filling out the creative brief that is going to help me understand the specifics of the project.

Step 2: Shipping.

Items can either be shipped or dropped off at my studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Step 3: Execution.

Once I receive the items, I'll photograph the items based on the creative brief we've discussed. Turnaround time depends on the volume. Generally, it takes about two weeks to receive a final product.

Step 4: Project delivery.

Once the project is completed, you'll receive a gallery link with final images.

What are the things that I pay attention to? 


  • I will ensure to maintain the correct dimensions of each image depending on the website or a seller platform’s specific requirements. 

  • I use relevant props or accessories to amplify your product’s usability for potential clients (if mentioned in the creative brief and quoted for).

  • I analyze the market and decide what works best for each client.  


Take your business to the next level with high quality e-commerce fashion images. Just look for a “fashion photography studio near me” and connect with me to discuss your next project.

Benefits of Fashion Product Photography

Here is how my fashion photography services can help your business thrive:

Prove Your Credibility

A product photo taken with the right lighting, on backgrounds of a suitable color and from a good angle can drive a greater audience toward your business. Professional photos taken, when booking my NYC fashion photography services, showcase the face of your brand and prove its legitimacy on the market. 


Build Eminent Presence 

In the digital era, products that are distinguished from their competitors have the best chance to withstand the ever changing market environment. Elena Vels fashion product photos build a distinct persona of your brand and create a prominent online presence of a product.

Enhance Customer Engagement 

High-definition fashion product photos can boost sales and revenue for a company by giving potential buyers an engaging approach to learning about a product. 


Rank Better on SERPs

Enhanced quality product imagery can make a website rank exceptionally well on SERPs. Hire me for your e-commerce product photography needs and get improved business ranking automatically, boosting the conversion rate altogether. 

Why Choose Elena Vels?

Here are some compelling reasons to hire me for your fashion photography needs:  


High Quality Photos 

I follow current industry standards and use quality equipment when producing content for companies of all sizes.  


Versatile Content 

Along with producing high-quality fashion product imagery, I can serve your business with other photography needs:

Quality Aesthetics

With the usage of correct lighting techniques, the product can stand out in a beautiful, elegant way. I emphasize key features of a product and make sure it’s shown in a photo.


Currently, I am operating from my studio in Brooklyn, New York, but you can reach out to me  from anywhere in the world to discuss your project and to get a quote and an estimated turnaround time. Make your first move. I will handle the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

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