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NYC Product Photographer 

I'm Elena Vels, a professional photographer based in New York City. I specialize in product photography and videography, and my goal is to provide businesses of all sizes with high-quality imagery that helps them stand out.

Whether you need product photos for your online store, or promotional content for your marketing campaigns, I understand the importance of creating personalized and stunning results. I work closely with each client to understand their specific needs and preferences, ensuring that every project is a success.

 My services in NYC


Commercial Product Photographer in New York City

As the marketplace is shifting from physical to virtual, the online presence of a product and the quality of such presence becomes vital for a company’s success. The quality of images dictates the sales. This is why choosing the right product photographer is one of the most critical strategic decisions that have to be made before implementing a marketing plan. I help businesses highlight their product’s features in a skillful and creative way making it easier to drive sales. 


Quality aesthetics are essential for any company as they are the business card of a brand's success. Emphasizing a product's best features in a photo is one of the key elements in conveying a brand's message to a client. My mission as a creative commercial photographer is to make your product shine while staying true to its ethos all along the way.


I am a creative commercial photographer with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, my expertise isn’t limited to being able to showcase the product in an appealing way, I base my creative decisions on analyzing the market and deciding what’s going to work best for each client. I strive to make your product’s virtual showcase more attractive than competitors. Meet the commercial photographer in NYC and get to know how things can change for your business with just a camera click!

Product Photography Process

1. Project Objectives Discussion

Once you reach out to me, we'll discuss your content needs and I'll work on filling out the creative brief that is going to help me understand the specifics of the project.

2. Shipping

Items can either be shipped or dropped off at my studio in Brooklyn, NY.

3. Execution

After I receive products, I'll photograph them based on the creative brief we discussed. The turnaround time depends on the volume, but typically it takes about two weeks to receive your final product.

4. Project Delivery

Once the project is completed, you'll receive a gallery link with final images.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Information


Phone: 347-372-3915

Address: 13 Grattan St, #208, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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